Microsoft Rd Web Access 2010 alter your users to manage bigger volumes of knowledge by permitting them to consolidate their e-mail, voice mail, instant messages, SMS text messages and many more.

Citrix Web Interface 5.4

The Web Interface 5.4 provides users to access with XenDesktop virtual desktops and XenApp applications a. We customize all the elements Citrix Web Interface Products.

Citrix Web Interface 5.3

Citrix Web Interface version 5.3: Security vulnerabilities, vulnerability statistics, references, exploits and CVSS scores.

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2010

You can established Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 to access your workplace 365 or alternative Exchange-based account by typewriting your email address and arcanum.

Microsoft Outlook Web App 2013

For Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, have intercalary many new options to Microsoft Outlook net App and updated its style

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Adding Special Features to Remote Desktop Web Access Interface

Remote Desktop Web Access involves Remote Desktop Web Connection, which allow users to connect remotely from a web browser to the desktop of any computer where they have Remote Desktop access.

The customization of Remote Desktop Web Access adds special features to its interface. Remote Desktop Web Access interface customization services are fully professional, secure, user-friendly and of wide range with having the latest trends and technologies.

Complete process of Interface Customization of RD Web Access with Diagram -
(How to Customize Remote Desktop Web Access)

1. Customization of Remote Desktop Web Access Login Page

2. Customization of Remote Desktop Web Access Inner Page

3. Customization of Remote Desktop Web Access Admin Module

4. Customization of Remote Desktop Web Access Download Module

With the help of such customized services, anyone can create their unique brand identity over internet. Get customized all your Current and previous version of Microsoft RD Web Access with Interface Planet.
Here are some features that offered by Interface Planet in packages for Remote Desktop Web Access Customization Solution

•             Admin Module (Posting Announcements – Create and Manage Announcement)
•             Company web Links Module (Display commonly used Links)
•             Twitter Integration Module (Display your Twitter Feed)
•             Microsoft Outlook Web App and Web Access Integration
•             Download & Documents Module (Add/Edit/Delete Downloads & Documents)
•             Displaying user’s Active Directory information
•             Show/Hide applications and folders based on AD global groups
               And many more....................

Interface Planet is the only company that provides fully responsive customized design to its customer. As, browser compatibility, responsiveness are the two main problems occurs during customizing web interfaces and Interface Planet treats this as first priority. Our customization are fully focused on these basic issues.

Interface Planet has team of experts who has good hands in customizing web interface, having complete knowledge of RD web framework. Interface Planet works on one and only one mission i.e “To provide every solution to our customer with full satisfaction”.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Customized Themes for Outlook Web App

As, we all are familiar with Outlook Web App. Outlook Web App (OWA), allows you to check your email, contacts, calendar, tasks and documents over the internet from any computer and browser.

Although, Microsoft provides some common themes by default with Outlook Web App. Most of the users simply keep the default theme and color scheme. While, many corporate wants to change the default theme and willing to have their own custom design with their corporate identities like logo, tagline and website.
You can customize Microsoft Outlook Web App in such a way that it looks like a part of your corporate offerings. You can add your logo, your corporate site theme to Microsoft Outlook Web App to make it a seamless part of your organization.

                                                 Microsoft Outlook Web App  Logon Pages
Microsoft Outlook Web App  Logon Pages

Microsoft Outlook Web App Mail Page
Microsoft Outlook Web App Mail Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App Calendar Page
Microsoft Outlook Web App Calendar Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Contact Page
Microsoft Outlook Web App My Contact Page

Microsoft Outlook Web App My Task Page
Microsoft Outlook Web App My Task Page

    The Customization process will be done on the following pages of Outlook Web App -
  • Outlook Web App Customization of login screen
  • Outlook Web App Customization of all inner pages
  • Outlook Web App Customization of logoff screen, with close and Re-Login buttons.
    Visit the Custom live Outlook Web App demos to know how cool we can customize the interface themes for Microsoft Outlook web App.

Monday, 15 June 2015

An Overview of Custom Interface and Design

What is Interface customization?

Interface customization in a very simple term, is the process of making your company’s portal according to your company branding. With the help of this, you can customize your profile to much easier and effective way.
Customized Login Page
Why Interface Customization is so important?

The most important task is to provide the user with easy way to access information anywhere anytime. Customer looks for the ability to customize the web interface as they wish.

Why Interface Planet?

Interface planet is one of the best companies who have been praised for high performs Interface Customization on all versions of Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway, Citrix Receiver for Web for Cloud Gateway, Citrix Storefront, Microsoft Outlook Web App and Rdweb and VMware View Portal. As we are into designing niche, we hold good hands in web customization looks and perform beyond customer’s expectations. As developers, we help in branding your existing company’s profile for better experience and make a unique identity of your company. Interface planet comes with a complete package of designing your web portal, customizing your existing profile, security designing, logo designing and more. We help you in making your company’s profile more attractive, user friendly and lively.

Citrix Web InterfaceHow we can assist you in customization?

Interface planet is a well settled interface customization, web designing and print designing company that offers you a wide range of services like profile personalization, easy access to information and user friendly web page. It is a combination of creativity, client oriented and understand customer requirement – all together. Web pages are personalized based on the characteristics (interests, social category, context,) of an individual. The term customization is used instead when the site only uses explicit data such as ratings or preferences. 

The four most important are -

·         Citrix web interface
·         Microsoft Outlook web app
·         Microsoft RD web access

Why we are different from others companies?

Interface planet is best known for interface customization, unique and best services that very few other companies offer. We provide our customer with several different services. We are different from others as we completely understand your requirement and continuously work to achieve the goal. Our one and all goal is to satisfy our customer.

Customer Satisfaction is our priority

We always try to keep our customers updated and walk along with latest technologies. We provide you with wide range of latest services. Interface planet is proud to be certified Citrix Ready on all of our Citrix Interface Customizations.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Customize The Overall Design & Layout of Citrix Web Interface

Citrix web Interface supports multilingual program with one version of the web Interface for all languages. It additionally changes its localization dynamically counting on the user’s or administrator’s preferences. And as localization market grows annually, users’ demands inspire additional and a lot of firms to visit into software system translation. steps into the new market and provides you with the most effective localization expertise.

The process of customizations for Citrix web interface and sometimes needs important efforts from development group’s available. builds the method easier and might localize customize Citrix web Interface in any theme you'd need and make it a part of your internet Interface.

There are many services that are presently made by Citrix that provide top quality customization services for the Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop which could be a desktop virtualization interface, Citrix XenServer that's a server visualization platform, Citrix Web Interface 5.4, Citrix Web Interface 5.3, Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway, Custom Citrix Cloudportal, Custom Citrix Receiver For Web etc. These product resulted when the acquisition of XenSource, Inc. by Citrix within the year 2007 and are an area of the Xen hypervisor open supply project.

Citrix Metaframe Management Console permits you to customize the web interface however why do you have to limit your modifications to the allowed choices in Management Console? With, you have got unlimited choices to customize your server internet Interface together with customizing the program and therefore the practicality of the interface to best serve your employees’ desires and maximize their productivity. The following are samples of what will customize:
  • Customize the layout of the Citrix web interface to cover unwanted sections and show new sections and strings that you simply might need.
  • Customize the planning and feel of the location together with colors, images, styles, controls sizes and adding new pictures and controls as needed.
  • Customizing the ICA files to use needed settings.
  • Add active pages to the web interface to support your new options and interact with alternative original pages.
  • Customizing the manner they're shown to the users or dividing them into categories and displaying them supported this user authorities.
Interface Planet could be a worldwide known organization helps firms and organizations in delivery along their skilled networks through large technological advancements so your company will relish an entire new surroundings of Citrix cloud network. Citrix NetScaler works on wondrously advancement options that separate out the correct information thus on bring you the most refined results to your desktop whereas relieving you of the concerns of information outflow from the network.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Modern Day Technology – The best is yet to come

Today I sat back and remembered the good old days when I stayed at my village with my grandparents and my dad used to send letter to us and we used to feel the excitement of receive those letters. When my grandfather died we sent him a telegram the fastest method available to communicate at the time. Times have changed really fast and so as the medium of communication. I read in a newspaper that Government is closing down the telegram service as it is very slow and does not serve the purpose. Wonder how the technology is transforming the world, something which was best 20 Years ago is not even relevant today.

This is the era of fast communication and today’s firms are on the toes to keep pace with the changing times. This in return is transforming the way communication happens between organizations as well as people. For example an BBM, Email, WhatsApp communicates the information so quickly and that too free of cost to people leaving thousands of miles apart in different continents and people are still talking about 5G technology. This current technology is also being perceived as slow!

The life of companies and employees has been made easier by few companies who have pioneered new innovative technologies in this fast changing technological market. One of the best are the solutions provided by – Customize Citrix Web Interface which gives you the freedom to modify the internet applications as per the company branding. Now this is something really new, imagine something created by Microsoft has our logo and our interface! This not only gives confidence to employees about the company however also increases there self esteem. It helps in brand building when suppliers and customers log into these applications and sees the company logo and literature. This gives a sense of pride and increases the brand value of a company.

Yesterday I logged into outlook web interface of Interface Planet and was surprised to see that it said welcome to “XYZ Company” Web Mail and had our company policy on it. It was a pleasant surprise and I boasted in front of my wife and said “look our company has its own mail box.” Not only that I felt secure that and proud of this new initiative by our company, I also got a firsthand review of our policy on it.

By this new technology one can work from home on a secure environment provided by our company with the help of Citrix, it also makes life easy by helping you log in to all the company resources from your home and the ice on the cake is you can control your company system using an personal laptop at home and yet everything is secure.

People like me are amazed by the convenience and comfort that we get from the use of technology however the experts feel that we have a long way to go and 3D, 5G etc. etc. are the future and technology shall further change the way we live.

All the best to the companies and experts! Am keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Features of Custom Microsoft Outlook web app 2013, Custom Microsoft Outlook web access

In customize Microsoft outlook web app 2013 has become associate
advantageous like upgrading email application app, knowledge management
feeds. Get complete new custom-built explore for OWA 2013 with new
options.......latest version of Microsoft outlook web Access
Outlook merely applications simply merely additive choices of Microsoft
Outlook users from all over the planet can get. it's another fraction
of Microsoft outlook that aids customers by inflicting, receiving and
fabricating web mails.

The options of Microsoft Outlook web App 2013 that is:

1.New Look of Microsoft outlook web Access

2. Interfacing software system

3. Tools
.Email Applications
.Data Management Feeds

4. Compatibility with latest OS
.Windows 8
.Internet Explorer 10

In Customize Microsoft outlook web app 2013 has become associate
advantageous like upgrading email application app, knowledge management
feeds. Get complete new custom-built explore for OWA 2013 with new
options.......latest version of Microsoft outlook Web Access.

Click here to know more about Custom Microsoft Outlook web app 2013.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Citrix Web Interface 5.4 for NetScaler 10

Interface Planet is a worldwide renowned organization helps companies and organizations in bringing together their professional networks through immense technological advancements so that your company can enjoy a whole new environment of cloud network. Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway works on magically advancement features which filter out the right data so as to bring you the most refined results to your desktop while relieving you of the worries of data leakage from the network.
Secure as a Deadlock, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway has been successful in providing the administrators the most secure almost microscopic level security which allows the accessing of company data to a user from almost anywhere.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway is available in following releases:
  • Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 10
  • Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.3, Enterprise Edition
  • Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.2, Enterprise Edition
  • Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 5.0
  • Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX
Salient features of the same are provided below
Citrix Access Gateway 10: Securing your Desktop and application access, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 10 works by allowing user to access the data by the use usage of HDX SmartAccess.
Support provided by Citrix Access Gateway 10 gives away access for receiver on web as easy as Clientless, Multiple ICA steam can work through Multi-Steam ICA, User Devices and servers can communicate over HTTP using Web Socket Protocol, Android and iOS devices connection for mobile communication.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.3, Enterprise Edition: Although not containing new features, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.3, Enterprise Edition can be configured using Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.2, Enterprise Edition.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.2, Enterprise Edition: This edition of Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway has been empowered to meet workers demand and being cost-effective alongside.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 9.2, Enterprise Edition contains the following features-
It provides remote access for clients in most difficult and challenging environment. Critical and complex applications can be worked upon without worrying about interruption in connections. Apps like Xen Desktop, Smart Access and Citrix XenApps gives you the simplest and tightest integration ever.Citrix XenApp customers will be provided natural replacement.
SSL and VPN features like client side cache clean up, auditing and access controlled web and server application all based upon the Company’s Policies.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 5.0: New Functionality and features are some key features of Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 5.0. Access Gateway management console, introduced by Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 5.0 gives the user limitless options to work upon. SmartGroups closely work and organize the work between teams. Device profiles will make it easier to allow accessing information through a single device. Delivery services Consoles, enhanced analysis to end points, a central Control to manage several Access Gateway devices and allowing user to take snapshots makes Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway 5.0 a whole new platform to work upon.
Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX: A virtually Access Gateway appliance, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX is held upon by a Hypervisor; Citrix XenServer being one of them. Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX is an all supporting and universal functioning Access Gateway. Just Like a Physical Appliance functions, Citrix NetScaler Access Gateway VPX is installed, and works in the similar manner.